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Dan Romero:
Hey you! First, let me say what an honor it is to have the opportunity to broadcast to you each week.  Now, lets see... Where did it all begin?  Born and raised in Patterson, New Jersey, I became a huge fan of radio at the age of 6. Listening to how DJs would connect to the listener, and making them feel like they were your friend was something extremely captivating! We can all agree that radio is a pretty tough industry to break into, yeah? Now, imagine fulfilling the duties of a radio personality as a completely blind guy.  Yep, I was born with cataracts, which was unable to be effectively removed.  After countless visits to the Doctors office, a few surgeries and a cornea transplant, I had no luck at regaining my vision and by the age of 5, I was completely blind.  Our society believes that the blind are less capable, but I never let my blindness hold me back from following my dreams! When you have a passion as strong as I do for radio, you donít let a disability hold you down.  In pursuing my dream career, Iím going to prove that the blind can be just as successful as the sighted. The beauty of radio is that you can expand your connections across the country and have friends all over the world! I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in radio that still till this day, have left me speechless.  I am the host, imager, and producer of my own show, The Dan Show, which has been running successfully for two years, and have two other radio positions I execute when Iím away from Z108. In my spair time, you will catch me playing keyboards, tweeting, watching movies and entertaining TV shows, producing music, and exploring the world, (When I have the money that is). I am thankful for every opportunity Iíve had thus far, and for having amazing listeners like you! So come join me, as I play your hits, chat it up with you, and carry you throughout your work day every Monday through Friday! Iíll see you there!